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surf-lingo glossary

1.  Dawn Patrol:  An early morning surf session.

2.  Duck Dive:  The technique of pushing the surfboard under and through a breaking wave.

3.  Hodad:  A nonsurfer who frequents surfing beaches and pretends to be a surfer.

4.  Inside the Green Room:  Inside the tube or barrel.

5.  Men in Grey Suits:  Sharks!!!

6.  Quiver:  A surfer's collection of surfboards.

7.  Tombstoning:  A wiped-out surfer who sinks below the surface while the surfboard bobs up and down.

Dawn Patrol copy_edited.png
Hodad copy_edited.png
Men in grey suits copy_edited.png
Tombstoning copy_edited.png

8.  Turtle Roll:  a surfing technique where the surfer flips the board over in front of an oncoming wave to get under it.

More definitions and designs coming soon....

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